Events Live Streaming

Have you ever worried when your best friends and close relatives are thousands of miles away from you (say in London, Paris, New York, Sydney, Dubai or Hong Kong) and cannot attend your wedding? Have you ever felt challenging to conduct seminars to your staff, customers and shareholders who are across the globe? Here comes our latest HD interactive webcasting services which will fully eliminate that distance of thousands of miles in your lives.


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HD Webcasting Services

With our HD webcasting services, you can now watch your friend’s wedding in New York from Singapore. All you need is our webcasting technician in your event. Our trained personnel will come over to your place carrying the necessary webcasting tool kit. Once your show starts, you are LIVE on the web! We have different styles of webcasting tailored to meet the needs of different segment of customers.


As the name says, this type of service is specifically designed to meet the webcasting requirements of Corporates. Apart from Live Video module (showing the speaker) includes a presentation/slideshow sharing module (for sharing the presentation), Live Chat module (for chatting with the speaker and other viewers), Event Registration or Feedback forms (On request), Polls and survey module, In-depth Video analytics module, Password protection module (allows only users with the authenticated username and password) and everything that is necessary for a corporate meeting. This type of webcasting service is certainly unique.


Family webcasting service fulfills every webcast needs of family events like wedding, engagement, naming ceremony, birthday parties and so on. This comes with Live Video module and LIVE chat module (chat facility for the family members to comment on the events). Other modules can be added upon request.


Stanley Videos has now extended its webcasting services to churches and other forms of Christian fellowship meetings. Viewers with an internet connection can view the church service LIVE from anywhere anytime. It is absolutely free from ads. We provide bible apps (enabling viewers to browse bible without missing the live video), Presentation module, Logo branding, Video Analytics, LIVE chat module (for users to share their testimonials & prayer requests). Other modules can be added upon request.