Convert your tapes


Stanleys & Co is the best place
for Video and Audio Conversion
in Chennai.

We ,at Stanley Videos  convert all your Video cassettes  from any  video format such as VHS, Hi-8, MiniDV, DVCAM, U-matic, Betacam, 8mm & 16 mm video spools to any digital format.  The treasured memories in the form of videos that are now obsolete & the tapes nearing spoilt condition are restored to the latest digital formats – DVD,BLURAY,AVI,MPEG,WMV  etc.  Utmost care is taken during conversion. Fungus & dust removed  cassettes /films/spools to retrieve pictures.

Video recordings   of Weddings ,birthdays, special occasions, family get-to-gathers, sight-seeing videos, family video albums,  sermons, speeches, conference lectures, office meetings – to name a few – are restored, edited with music, titles , voice overs ,scrolling titles, sub-titles and so on. We edit all your video collections – organize them in the order of your choice – create a single album which can be stored  in DVD/ BLURAY/Hard Disk. The edited or restored videos can be stored in our CDN in your own family website with pass word protection. Friends & relatives across the globe can watch it whenever they want to re-live those precious moments.

We create a compact video album of your photo albums with music, title & voice overs. All your photos are scanned in excellent quality , digitized & stored in DVD or any format as per your requirement. Audio spools, LP records & audio cassettes  are converted to MP3/ACD  formats. The olden golden voices are restored .

Our mission is to restore lost memories in video /audio format & bring them to life again. We smile as you smile watching the videos & hear the voice  which  you thought that you’ve lost. Our happiness lies in your satisfaction & in your appreciation when you say- WELL DONE!