Film to DVD

Discovery of film tapes made a breakthrough in home video revolution. It allowed common people to shoot motion pictures of everyday life just like the Hollywood movies. The home movie projectors have become obsolete now and the film tapes are almost at the verge of expiration. Since we are connoisseurs in transferring recorded movies from film to DVD, we guarantee crisp images and flicker free transfers. Your films are not in any way damaged during the transfer process and can be color corrected upon request for those films having blue, yellow, green or red color casts. 

There are three predominant types of film that will comprise your collection of Home Movies - 8mm filmSuper 8mm film, and 16mm film. We transfer movies from all the three film tapes. Our Film Conversion Process utilizes the latest digital technology for a frame-by-frame transfer of your home movie memories. We work to get the BEST out of these films; age of those films does not matter at all!


  • Film cleaning and repair
  • Frame by frame transfer
  • Easy navigation options
  • Optional color correction
  • Precise playback speed
  • High quality encoding
  • Sections removed based on exposure
  • High quality DVD case, DVD case insert & Optional Jewel case
  • DVD case & case insert Printing
  • Output to DVD or hard drive (Provided by customers)