Audio tape to DVD

Are you looking to convert your audio cassettes to DVD, reel-to-reel tapes to DVD, vinyl records to DVD at an affordable cost? Well, you have come to the right place. We can help you get these outdated formats digitized without compromising the originals’ clarity and quality. We also provide Track splitting option which fragments the audio into tracks and enables you to switch over from one track to another easily.

Apart from transferring to DVDs or CDs, we also provide audio conversion. Using our audio conversion services, you can transfer the audio from cassettes, audio spools and records to the desired file format like MP3, WAV and so on.


  • Cassette / Tape cleaning and repair
  • Audio quality enhancement
  • Track splitting
  • Easy navigation options (track by track)
  • Optional file format conversion to MP3 or WAV or any other desired format
  • Optional noise filtering
  • Precise playback speed
  • High quality digital output
  • High quality DVD case, DVD case insert & Optional Jewel case
  • DVD case & case insert Printing
  • Output to DVD or hard drive (Provided by customers)